Release Notes - Version 1.210402.0

Included in Version 1.210402.0

  • Added: Application Settings. Added an option for automatic theme selection based on the theme selected in the OS
  • Added: Application Settings. Added a confirmation before removing a secondary 2FA step
  • Added: Application Settings. Added a “Last App” column in My Devices to more easily see when multiple applications are used on the same machine
  • Added: Charts. Added the ability to “replay trades” to the new Charts module. Previously this was only available in the Legacy Charts module


  • Fixed backspace issue in Quoteboard which would lead to an unexpected delete of a highlighted row
  • Fixed an issue where the Free Indicators plugin was not functioning as expected
  • Fixed issues caused by time change in custom session charts
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To enable this feature:

Under Application Settings>Application. In the Theme dropdown an option has been added “Auto based on user Preference”

When this option is selected, the Tradovate theme used will follow the theme that is setup in your OS.

In the Application Settings>My Devices a new column has been added showing the Last App used:

Now when using the “Replay My Trades” option in Market Replay, Trades will be showing on the new Chart module (in addition to the Legacy Chart module)

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