Release Notes - Version 1.210319.0

Functions included in Version 1.210319.0

  • Added: Community Sharing. Users can now add links to Community Forum topics when sharing indicators with the community. Many indicators start out as discussions in the forum, so this functionality enables users to quickly find discussions about the indicator and ask the developer questions regarding its configuration or usage
  • Added: Notifications. A configuration has been added to the notifications area which will enable/disable the news notifications from showing in the application
  • Updated: Quote Info. The charting component in the Quote Info area has been updated to our latest charting module
  • Updated: 2FA Setup. We added a note to this area advising users if they set up a secondary step in their 2FA (SMS, Trusted Device, One-Time Password, Security Key) to set up multiple devices in the event a device is lost
  • Updated: Charts. We’ve made some adjustments to the font size and weight in the chart axis to improve readability on lower resolution monitors and displays


  • Fixed the leg selector in Spread Matrix
  • Show missed drawing tool elements in the chart menu in legacy charts again
  • Password rules hint was not showing
  • The hotkey to change stop order types was not functioning as expected in the Chart module
  • Daily bar was not displaying properly after time change
  • Custom Time Frame charts were not displaying properly after time change

Now when sharing an indicator, there will be an area to add a link to a community forum post:

When a link is added it will show up at the bottom of the area of the indicator in the community share:

Clicking the link will take the user directly to the topic about the indicator in the Tradovate Community

Starting in release 1.210319.0, we’ve added a new configuration to the “Notifications” area in Application Settings to enable/disable news notifications: