Release Notes - Version 1.210122.0


Functions included in Version 1.210122.0

  • Community Explorer (Custom Indicators):
    • Added: Sorting/categories selector to the Custom Indicators list. Users can now sort the list by Actively Used, Popular, Recently Updated, and Trending
    • Added: Enabled access to Community Explorer in Try-It mode
    • Added: A “What’s new” button that will show changelogs and file differences for new updates to indicators. Also, an indicator’s developer can enter changelogs and see file differences before pushing an update
    • Added: An option to allow access by direct link only
    • Updated: Optimized initial app loading


  • Some timer-bounded functionality didn’t work in paused replay

We have some additional sorting we will be adding to this area as well:

  • “Actively used”: This sort value will be driven by relative presence in actively used layouts by all users.
  • “Popular”: This sort value will be driven by the number of downloads (this is how the list is currently sorted)
  • “Recently uploaded”: This sort value will be driven by the time of the last update
  • “Trending”: This value will be driven by the number of net installs in the last 7 days

This function will show differences from code updates so users can see whats been changed before applying the updates:

When publishing indicators, publishers have the option to publish the code to the cloud, but not list the indicator in the community. If the user would like to share the code with a small group of users for example.