@Alexander I have /order/liquidatePosition and orderstrategy/startorderstrategy working individually. But when I first liquidate followed by starting a new strategy, my strategy also gets closed out right away. I see the commands are sent out about 100ms apart, and I receive the a[{“s”:200,“i”:2,“d”:{}}]’ for each command about 100ms apart as well. But my StartOrderStrategy. gets cancelled right after getting placed. Any ideas on how long a /order/liquidatePosition stays in effect?

2024-01-24:14:20:32,097 DEBUG    [protocol.py:698] > TEXT 'order/liquidateposition\n2\n\n{"accountId":XXX...ull,"isAutomated":true}' [121 bytes]
2024-01-24:14:20:32,163 DEBUG    [protocol.py:548] < TEXT 'a[{"s":200,"i":2,"d":{}}]' [25 bytes]
2024-01-24:14:20:32,226 DEBUG    [protocol.py:698] > TEXT 'orderstrategy/startorderstrategy\n3\n\n{"symbol...ilingStop\\":false}]}"}' [362 bytes]
2024-01-24:14:20:32,293 DEBUG    [protocol.py:548] < TEXT 'a[{"s":200,"i":3,"d":{"orderStrategy":{"id":XXX...essionId":XXXX}}}]' [487 bytes]

@BWeis do you have any thoughts on this?

This is still a problem. I tried creating other work arounds, but I keep coming back to this.

If I place an order right after calling the liquidate command it enters and exits the new order right away.