Lagging OHLC Data Issue

I have noticed over the last couple days that the countdown on the platform is a few seconds delayed. Having exact second by second data in sync is crucial to my algorithm and in the attached photo, it is clear that minute candles complete formation nearly 2-3 seconds before the timer actually resets. How can I work around this?

Check that your PC time is in sync with an internet time server

My time is in sync. The data streamer I use reports computer time with the platforms time and they are in sync. Tradovate relays data at a delayed rate…

@lukectv56 as our support reps do not monitor the forum, if you’d like, you can open a support ticket with our support team and they’d be able to research and escalate to the development team as needed.

You can send an email to support (at) with details and reference this thread

Sure I’ll send an email but this is extremely crucial for HFT algorithms that rely on the speed and precision of their entries. This doesn’t occur on any other platform (thinkorswim, TradeStation, NinjaTrader). In the attached photo, my data streaming script outputs the time stamp of second by second data, and the chart is showing a new minute candle starting to form when the timer is at 58 seconds…