Integrating multiple graphics

Hello everybody,
i would like to integrate multiple graphics with different drawing conditions in an indicator.
For example this graphics condition is d.isLast() = true:

map(d) {
     return {
         graphics: d.isLast() && {
             items: [

How do i add another graphic with a totally different condition? The indicator should be able to draw them at the same time.

I asked ChatGPT and was told:
In JavaScript, a colon (:) is typically used as part of an object literal notation to define key-value pairs. In JavaScript, an object cannot have multiple values for the same key. Each key in an object must be unique, and if you assign a new value to an existing key, it will overwrite the previous value associated with that key. If you need to associate multiple values with the same key, you might consider using an array or another data structure. Here’s an example using an array:

graphics: [drawgreen, drawblue]

I tried the array notation and at least didn´t get an error, but had no success drawing what i wanted.

Thanks to Volume delta grid indicator creator i found a solution using containers. Maybe it was too easy for everybody, but it took me some time to figure it out.
graphics: {
tag: “Container”,
key: “ContainerOne”,
children: conditionOne? [{…}]:[ ]
tag: “Container”,
key: “ContainerTwo”,
children: conditionTwo? [{…}]:[ ]

Keep working and keep sharing,

Good stuff for the community