Ichimoku Clouds

I’d like to see these added

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Hey @BWeis I have some interest in tackling this but can’t find anything out there currently that’s drawing clouds. Is this possible yet with the existing plotters?

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Oh, looks like maybe possible by drawing wide lines at each bar, with an opacity setting…

That approach should work. An overview of the available plotters can be found here:

I would love to have the Ichimoku Cloud available too.

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@paidtofade were you successful in painting a cloud using lines? I tried something similar for a different indicator and wasn’t able to get the widths lined up properly.

Hey @nom28! Yeah, generally it worked out ok. Since they come out as rectangular, it looks a little wonky when filling in space of curved lines. I played around with line widths until I got a fair balance between filling in the space and not exposing the corners of the lines too much.

If you search for “dnaLikePlotter” here https://tradovate.github.io/custom-indicators/, that has an example custom plotter that’s doing a “cloud” using lines. I used the same approach for the Hurst Bands indicator I made, check out https://github.com/paidtofade/tradovate-indicators/blob/master/hurstBands/p2f-hurstBands.js#L90 for the plotter for that one.

Awesome. Two votes is enough for me. @BWeis and @Tull I’ve got it next on my list now.

That’s great news @paidtofade. Thank you!

Hi Guys!

I have already written Ichimoku clouds as part of my move over to tradovate platform.
Used mt4 coding experience which had similar limitations , to migrate the indicators I use.
Let me share it in community code.

Just migrating to Tradovate, and start getting into the tradovate forums.
sorry just saw the posts.

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Shared Ichimoku Cloud indicator via community share.
Look for Trafs Ichimoku Cloud.

tenkan period (9*): The number of bars used to calculate the Tenkan plot.
kijun period (26*) :The number of bars used to calculate Kijun, Span A, Span B, and Chikou plots.
*default values

New user here. I have coded few indicators for personal use as part of migrating to Tradovate.
I will share them over here.

*First share here. If any issues please let me know.!