How to show full depth of market with Level II, not just 10 above and below current price

I pay for CMT level II quotes but I only see bids for 10 prices above and below the current price. How do I turn on or access the full DOM, I.E, see all of the bids above and below the current price

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Same is for me. I only get like 7.5 points of the ES. How weird. Maybe write them an email. This is an important problem. It would be cool if they could add a heat map too on charts as an option. To see long term, resting size of the limit side.

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Tradovate uses CQG data and they only provide 10 levels. The only retail providers with more are Rithmic and Denali. Denali is only available with Sierra Chart.

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This is partially correct
For all micro contracts CQG provides 10 levels

For the ES (mini SP) CQG provides all deep levels available