Grid Lines Chart settings

Would be a nice feature to customize the grid lines on a chart to a certain setting. Could be set to show the grid lines every 4 ticks, 8 ticks, 12 ticks, or by points from a price starting point.

Agree. In thinkorswim you can set a “custom interval” between grid lines, so for example, if you like trading the ES, an interval of “1” (4 ticks) would be best for me. Not the odd computer-generated interval where grid lines are set at some random fractional value. This makes it easier and faster to know where you are and order quickly on the DoM with 1 click.

Yes, that would be really nice, especially for us that trade the really small time frames where every small tick matters.

Definitely, custom grid values would be awesome. Presently it resizes to strange values, such as 1.25 points between grid lines. Either 2 or 4 ticks would be more consistent and sensical