Find orders belonging to orderStrategy by orderStrategy Id


Has anyone ever figured out how to find the orders belonging to the orderstrategy?

I need to reverse engineer my orders so to speak.
I check if i have an active orderStrategy, and then i need to find the orders, but i havent found a single way to figure out what orderIds belong to the orderStrategy.

I usually listen on the websocket connection for the frames containing objects like entityType:orderStrategyLink where you have the link between the orderStrategyId and orderId and store them locally in a map for later use.

But in case if you restart the app and there are trades ongoing you don’t have enough information to recover the active orders.
In this case I think the objects sent just after login in the web trader version could help recovering the state of the application and the connection between the open trades and the order strategy. Sniffing on the web socket network connection using development console could be useful on finding how it really works in the web browser version.