Detrended PriceDelta indicator

It’s an overlay of detrended price and detrended cumulative delta.
Detrended price is useful on it’s own, now you can spot divergences as well.
Check it out.

Congrat. great job
You should add the possibility to trace a ZERO line. Thank you

Ok sir, done, enjoy.

Thank you

Great job

Very usefull

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another great tool my mans, looking forward to seeing your work. Is this your first batch of tools you’ve made? I haven’t seen “EKB” in TOS or Tradovate circles before but your work is top notch. Glad theres another “Sethmo” or “Mobius” making tools/indicators for everyone to use.

Thanks, I appreciate it. Yes, first few tools. Once I figured out I could use AI to shortcut a large part of the coding learning curve, it was on. Still a lot of work though. Check out DeltaHighlighter and SuperSessions as well. Those are popular. I have a slick footprint + candle overlay I will share soon. Busy with other stuff.

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Do you have a Twitter or X account? (@BongWaterShark)