Desktop App versus Website?

What are the pros and cons of using the stand-alone app versus using the web-based platform? I noticed that the web-based one has a couple features (clock, breakeven+) that the stand-alone doesn’t have (yet). Does the app have better performance? Is the plan to keep the desktop app up to date with the web-based one?

I do not work for them, but I can just give you my opinion from experience.

The Windows App seems faster to me. The 2 options you mentioned have been included in the app in the latest version. It seems they update the software every Friday so just make sure you have the latest version.



My experience has been that the web app gets new features earlier and is more stable especially if your internet connection wobbles every now and then. It’s also much easier to log onto the web app quicker. The only benefit of the desktop app is multi window setup if you have multiple monitors.

Thanks to both for your responses. I agree that the web app is easier to log into by virtue of remembering PW (small thing) – and the desktop has the advantage of being better able to utilize multiple monitors (which I do). So I’m using the desktop for now.