Create Alert by clicking on price value in chart

I see the Alert function I understand that functionality is there, but it’s too slow to set an alert

I would like to right mouse click over the price value and open an alert dialog box with certain values pre-populated (market, last price)

Hopefully you can see the picture i uploaded.


Hi Alvaro,

Thanks for posting this to the forum!

Currently, you can single left-click on the price axis in the chart and it will open the alert dialog as you describe. You can choose to change any of the alert settings before closing the dialog box.

When saved a “bell” icon will show on the chart at the alert level you specified

Left-clicking on the bell will dismiss that alert.

Was there some additional functionality you were looking for?

wow, talk about a CI/CD pipeline, that was fast ! :slight_smile: Haha, seriously… did see that so thanks for the tip

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Can I follow up on this thread with another question?
I see that in the DOM, I can click on any price and the alert panel displays.
However, on the chart, I cannot click anywhere to create an alert. There are only certain numbers such as highs and lows where a background shows behind the numbers that can be clicked to bring up an alert.
Seems to have no effect to turn on or off trade mode either.

Can somebody clarify how to get the alerts to work from the chart, since I seem to be missing something. Thank you.

You should be able to create an alert by single left-clicking at any level in the price axis on the chart. What version of the software are you using? Happy to help see if we can identify any issues why this would not be working as expected