Beta version 1.210702.0 (web and standalone) - Release 07/02/2021

Included in the 07/02/2021 beta release
Beta web, standalone 1.210702

  • Added: Options Chain. Add to Quotes or Add Quoteboard from right-click menu on Options Chain
  • Updated: Quoteboard. For consistency, we swapped buy/sell button order when added as a column in the Quoteboard
  • Charts:
    • Simplified change propagation in indicator engine
    • Ability to reuse other indicators in custom indicators as ordinary functions
    • Added a new function under the indicator menu called Worksheets
    • More digits in chart’s value axis labels
    • Added the “Apply” button to the chart editors to save changes without closing the editor modal
    • Proper recreating of custom indicators after structural changes
    • Applying non-zero opaque style to candlestick coloring
    • Exposing access to OHLC to all kinds of inputs of custom indicators

For more on Worksheets, see this Community post: