API call limitations

I have been reading this information:

I need to know the limitation in the number of API calls I can do to retrieve Account Informartions.
But I don’t see the limitations. Can someone please spell it out?

We have no hard-cap on limits, they vary from time to time. So there is no way to pin down an exact number. What I would suggest is when you need data in real-time, subscribe to user/syncrequest using a websocket. Any time user data changes for the user being synchronized, that data will come to you in the form of a ‘props’ event. The d or data parameter of the events looks like this:

    entityType: 'cashBalance',
    eventType: 'Update',
    entity: {
        realizedPnL: number,
        weekRealizedPnL: number,

Any entity that has a /item endpoint can be updated this way.