Allowing a tick box to make auto flatten recurring daily

Hi folks…here is full context from a live chat (so, could we consider allowing a tick box for users to make auto flatten at a certain time recurring without having to remember it daily)? could allow people to make it only for the day for those who want that but also cater to and allow those to make it recurring daily to do so too…thoughts?

Chat started on 13 Jan 2022, 03:38 PM (GMT+0)
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(03:38:30) greg: Hi folks. Where can I force the platform to auto close all positions and orders at a certain time? Like auto close all positions and orders at like 4:10 pm EST. So, even if I am not around or busy with something else or forget any positions or orders I have, the system will auto close them all for me automatically. Thanks. Greg
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(03:39:23) Felisberto G: Hello
(03:40:05) Felisberto G: Where you see "Open P/L, click the downward-facing arrow. Then click “Flatten today positions”
(03:40:37) Felisberto G: Then you can select a time when you will be auto flattened.
(03:56:29) greg: hi
(03:56:35) greg: looking…
(03:57:55) greg: i see that now…can we set it were it is recurring the same time daily or do we have to manually do this every day?
(03:58:06) Felisberto G: You have to do it manually everyday
(03:58:38) greg: ok…what is the reason for not allowing it to be set as recurring daily if we chose to?
(03:59:06) Felisberto G: This is how the platform is programmed
(03:59:51) greg: ok…but…Could you potentially ask the devs if they could add a option to allow us to tick recurring? Just like other risk settings are recurring with manually setting it.
(04:00:16) greg: this is something I would highly like to have and I am sure other would to if they chose to make it recurring.
(04:00:16) Felisberto G: You can request this feature on our community website:
(04:00:16) Felisberto G:
(04:00:30) greg: ok
(04:00:52) greg: take care
(04:00:59) Felisberto G: Thank, have a great day!
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