Account level Trailing Max Drawdowns

I see that there are Trailing Max drawdowns. This is a great feature which is not available on any other major brokerage platforms. I love Tradovate for this reason. But there is a problem with available Max drawdown risk settings.

Both End of Day Trailing Max draw down and Real Time trailing max down will ensure that you retain your capital but not profits. If I grow my small account from $500 to $10,000, I need a way to stop me out at $2000 trailing stop loss based on account value which means, my account value will remain at $8000.
End of day Trailing Max draw down is better compared to the other one. If my yesterday’s account value was $6000, at least I would get stopped out at that level. Stopping out at $500 means that I have given back all my profits and mental capital spent to make money.

Please add this new feature where I have the control over account level max draw down in real time.

Ill append here instead of starting a new thread.

This can just be radio buttons under Max Drawdown.

Text: What I would love is a max trailing drawdown to automatically cover my balance. One that doesn’t stop at my initial balance but keeps going either indefinitely or to a profit target.

Example. Max trailing drawdown is $700. Profit target is 1500. I’m having a great morning. I get to 2100 when I start to backside or botch some positions and lose 600 which halts me at my 1500 for the day.

Another example would be an indefinite. Given the same max trailing and 1500 target. If I’m at 6000 due to an amazing day, I will be auto-liquidated if I lose more than $700. Possibly add in a toggle for Consecutively a $700 drawdown so if I lose 300, make 500 and lose 400 more it doesn’t trigger.