Access is denied

self.credentials = {
“name”: self.username,
“password”: self.password,
“appId”: self.appid,
“appVersion”: “1.0”,
“cid”: self.cid,
“sec”: self.secret,
“deviceId”: “xxxxxxxx”

The above is used to get access token, which works.

body = {
“accountSpec”: “xxxxxxxx”,
“accountId”: account_id,
“action”: side.capitalize(),
“symbol”: symbol,
“orderQty”: quantity,
“orderType”: “Market”,
“isAutomated”: ‘true’,
“deviceId”: “xxxxxxxx”

The above is used to make place order post request. Access denied every time. Someone please help. Looked all over the forums and there is nothing.

This works fine on demo, but not on live.

Account id is the id from /account/list

accountSpec is the number in my web terminal. I have also tried using the “name” field from /auth/accessTokenRequest.

API Key has full access to everything.


You should receive an email to approve a device ID, until you approve the device on Live it will deny access.