Ability to set order if websocket disconnects

Is it possible to say if I am in an open order and the websocket connection disconnects, that the current open order is closed or ability to set a resting order in the order book?

You could try to make HTTP calls to close your positions on the onclose websocket hook, given you have a valid access token at the time of disconnect.

When I login through a browser that counts as 1 connection, so does the API using a websocket. If I log out of the browser, it still shows that I am connected to multiple devices.

Can I force drop all connections, not unlink but say disconnect connections?

The server drops connections by timestamp, the oldest connection is always the one that is dropped if a new connection is authorized.

There might be a bug in this timestamping code.

Here’s how I can reproduce the issue.

I have an open websocket connection, login to the browser. Logout of the browser; while the websocket connection is still enabled.

The browser will prompt you to choose to close the oldest session, logout or another option.

no matter which option I choose, after this, the websocket can no longer successfully connect. It keeps replying with 429 error.

I can login to the browser session; live, replay or simulation but the websocket connection no longer works.

I can consistently reproduce this issue because it keeps killing my api connections.

Once i get the on close message the websocket is already stale, i’ll have to figure out another way to solve this problem.