Hide, Show Indicator function for charts

I would like to have a function on the chart so i can quick hide a indicator on the chart with out have to remove it. A Hide / Show button would be nice.

Screenflick Movie


Yes… This would be very convient to have. Along with a hide/show all indicators and hide/show all drawings.

I’d like to be able to mute/un-mute chart elements.

Example: I don’t want to see the VWAP but I don’t want to delete it, just mute it, and then un-mute when I want to see it again. This would be very helpful.

Presets would be nice too.

With release 1.201204.0+ users will be able to hide chart elements (without deleting them) in the Chart (beta) module.

To access this functionality:

Select the “Configure Chart Elements” menu item. Mouse over the element to be hidden / muted and click the “eye” icon.

To show / unmute, simply click the eye icon again.