Tradeovate API Request Error!

Hey everyone – currently in the process of trying to pass a POST REST api request to Tradeovate so I can get an access key to fully use the API. I am submitting the POST request through the Requests library in python. Here is my code:

import config, requests, json
endpoint = “
data =
headers = config.request_header
r =, data=data, headers=headers)

My config file which includes the headers and data I’m passing is here:
request_header = {‘Content-Type’:‘application/json’}
data = {



 'appId': 'SampleApp',

 'appVersion': '0.7'


When this is run, I get the following error: b’Invalid request: error id: 565846d2-374e-4063-9a26-93c912558022’. Any help getting this resolved so I can get an access key would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to anybody that has any thoughts!

I don’t think they let us retail trader’s access the API

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They will at some point. A few weeks ago, they said “in a few weeks”, so I’m hoping they open it up soon. They’ve had the documentation for the API posted and live for a long time, which initially made me believe that access was already possible but alas. Therefore, the reason I was getting this error in the first place wasn’t that my code was wrong, but because the API simply isn’t live yet

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i really hope, so many fun data science project’s i could work on

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agreed. I hope they will be finished soon

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