Please remove confirmation on bracket orders


When placing orders directly on the chart, it’s a one click deal with limit orders but when on brackets, another confirmation pops up, it’s a big problem when scalping fast moves…



agree this should be optional, hoprefully doable on the new beta charts, since that was build from the ground up, I think part of the new beta charts purpose was to have the ability to do rapid development on it, and this request sounds like just that.

This might be a bug since all other order types work as expected.

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Just giving this a bump. This is super important for anyone trading fast moves. I’m really surprised it’s not already there. One of the benefits of brackets is to get orders into the market quickly. Having an order confirmation defeats that purpose.


I can only confirm and support this request!
Making quick scalp trades with bracket orders just become unnecessarily complicated with that confirmation. While it’s just one more click it’s also a pop-up overlay that obstructs the view on the moving price action and forces you to look at that pop-up only to confirm an order.
Precision and focus is crucial while trading fast-moving products like the NQ at the opening and few seconds can already change the situation. So what I do is repeatedly entering limit/stop bracket orders and canceling them without getting filled only because I changed my mind. And having to confirm each order every time is simply unpractical.
Especially considering that bracket orders inherently have a security purpose by limiting the exposure when the order gets filled while an order without brackets can be placed on the chart without confirmation. So please make it at least an option in the settings to turn that on or off also for bracket orders.

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I would also like to reiterate the importance of this feature not only for the user experience but also for the safety of account funds. When I messaged support and asked how to turn off the prompt, I was told that it’s not possible so I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if it’s intentional. What I do is turn off brackets then set my entry, and have the line ready at my SL for when the entry fills. It’s definitely not efficient and in highly volatile situations could lead to a potential loss (or win in the event the it’s a stop hunt or fake out). Additionally, creating brackets manually this way requires being diligent about the orders as it’s easy to forget about an order since they are not connected via OCO logic.

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