Add Unfinished Auctions to Existing Bid-Ask Volume Footprint Chart

The image below is a depiction of displaying unfinished auctions on Tradovate’s existing Bid-Ask Volume Footprint chart.

As pictured, an unfinished auction occurring at the top and/or bottom of a bid-ask candlestick would be outlined with a rectangular border surrounding the bid-ask numbers and a rectangular ray extending across the chart until price action trades back into/through that level. These levels would plot automatically and update in real-time. Ideally, unfinished auctions at the top of a candlestick would be one color and unfinished auctions at the bottom of a candlestick would be another color for the purpose of differentiation.

These unfinished auctions can provide potential trade locations for order flow traders and supply/demand traders monitoring for this type of activity.

If you believe this functionality would be useful for your trading, please add your vote to promote this feature request. Comment below and add your input to help move this along. Thanks.