Add Unfinished Auctions to Bid-Ask Volume Footprint Chart

Note: I’ve submitted this as a feature request here on the forum, but I thought I’d post here as well. I’ve noticed a few custom footprint indicators have already been created by the community, so this request could possibly fit in as an expansion to a tool that someone has already created.

The image below is a depiction of displaying unfinished auctions on Tradovate’s existing Bid-Ask Volume Footprint chart.

As pictured, an unfinished auction occurring at the top and/or bottom of a bid-ask candlestick would be outlined with a rectangular border surrounding the bid-ask numbers and a rectangular ray extending across the chart until price action trades back into/through that level. These levels would plot automatically and update in real-time. Ideally, unfinished auctions at the top of a candlestick would be one color and unfinished auctions at the bottom of a candlestick would be another color for the purpose of differentiation.

These unfinished auctions can provide potential trade locations for order flow traders and supply/demand traders monitoring for this type of activity.

can i find this somewhere?